EDM Remix songs

Songs have been in favor for many people since time immemorial. There is no restriction on the playing or listening of a song which can be done through personal cassette or CD players or through a walkman. People since ages have devised ways to make music as well as keep them as cassettes and discs to listen to them, whenever they have a mood.

The role of mood in listening to the best EDM dance songs has been found to be of importance. During the happy times when with friends, the song maine dil se kaha from the new collection, cannot be proper to hear as it reflects the sorrow of awaiting for one’s love. More suitable for such an occasion would be a party song or the remix from the personalized CD’s such as the yeh mera dil, which is the evergreen cabaret track. One can also go for the personalized songs in one’s computer or music players which are the hindi remix songs versions of the old songs such as kitne bhi tu kar le sitam-remix, or the aja piya tohe pyar du-remix from the Dance Masti album.

The old bollywood songs have always attracted people because of the pure form of music and the amalgamation of various musical instruments to produce the tune. Today, with the availability of various online portals, it has become possible to relive those old songs in form of personalized music albums. The personalize your songs facilities by these portals for some of the hit songs like O mere sona re, Aane se Uske Aaye Bahar, Chukar mere man ko kiya tune kiya ishara, and many such more have helped people to listen to the original tracks after so many years of their creation.Basically the emergence of the remix mp3 songs is the result of such change of the tastes of listeners. Like all others, music and audio industry is also extremely volatile and the tastes of the listeners continue to change consistently. An example is the change in the style and rhythm of the new Bollywood songs where emphasis has shifted from melody to rhythmic music.

Old bollywood songs have been the heartthrob of the millions of people in and outside India and are still liked by many. When these songs are possible for the song lovers to keep as personalized CD’s, then there couldn’t be a better reasons for them to procure the songs from the portals. The evergreen and the quintessential nature of these reputed and old songs have made the mere sapno ki rani and kabhi kabhi mere dil mein, songs impossible to be erased from the minds of the listeners, who try to keep old bollywood songs in their personalized songs albums.

The ability to avail the, personalize your songs facilities have helped the music enthusiasts to be in touch with the nostalgic moments. The soul was touched and the memories were stacked with the sweet music of these songs which have since been in the hearts of people. The evergreenness of such songs sung by the stalwarts of Indian bollywood industry has encouraged the people to keep the hindi remix songs in their minds for decades to come.