Sprinklers For Your Lawn During Summer Time

Whether you are simply maintaining your home lawn or trying to grow a field of crops you will probably need to make use of a sprinkler system or an irrigation system to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Finding the best commercial irrigation installation Northern VA contractors is not an easy task, we suggest using angies list or home advisor.

Irrigation systems are any system that brings water from where it is to the land where you want it to be. There are several types of irrigation systems. The flood system basically allows water to flow over the land and gravity and landscaping combine to determine the direction the water flows. Irrigation water may come from underground sources such as wells or from above ground sources such as rivers or ponds. Depending on what you are irrigating, you might also wish to consider using drainage water or treated waste-water.

However, today, most irrigation systems in home and commercial areas are underground irrigation systems. This means that the water is piped underground to where it needs to be. This is a much more attractive method of water delivery because it eliminates the unsightly above ground pipes which is ideal for homes and commercial landscaping. The only trouble with a completely in ground system is that occasionally you may have to provide maintenance for the underground pipes which is more difficult than maintaining above ground pipes and equipment.

Sprinkler systems are a type of irrigation system. In fact, sprinkler systems are the most prevalent home irrigation method. Home systems are usually piped underground with sprinkler heads that can be stationary or can retract back into the ground when not in use. In agricultural use sprinkler systems are not necessarily in ground. Sprinkler systems can be set up with stationary or moveable above ground sprinkler heads which rain or mist water onto its intended destination. Some setups have sprinklers mounted on a wheeled platform, which can be frequently and easily moved to accommodate the irrigation needs of small farms, parks or even cemeteries.

Those who like to do it themselves will be pleased to know that installing a home sprinkler system is relatively easy. A few of the important things to remember to do before installing your system are to check to see if you need a permit, have your utility companies come out to mark gas, power and phone lines and check your water pressure. Irrigation systems and sprinkler systems have progressed hugely since their inception. Today no matter what you are planning to irrigate, there is an appropriate system out there.

Multiple design options cater to varying watering needs. The typical lawn sprinkler and irrigation system is composed of underground pipes that come with either spray or rotor heads to optimize the amount of water released. Sprays are used in smaller areas. Rotors rotate the water stream up to 360 degrees and are used for larger areas. A second type of irrigation design is better suited for businesses. The commercial unit is installed so that customers are impressed with the business before they even step foot in the door. Low-volume or very targeted nozzles can help maintain a beautiful exterior without getting clients wet. Lastly, residential designs are available for home lawns and gardens. They can be completely hidden or out in the open. They can also be customized to target certain plants or areas. Many irrigation companies offer free installation instructions and classes on maintenance.


You can have the irrigation company install the underground pipes, or you can save some money and do-it-yourself after a little instruction from technicians. The company can provide a custom design for your lawn, lay out all the parts, and flag your yard for specific locations of all components. Either way, the company will have as little or as much involvement in the installation process as you prefer.

Parts and Service

After installation, the supplier is not done with your new sprinkler system. They provide the crucial services and the parts needed to keep your lawn green. These systems sometimes malfunction or wear down due to regular weathering. Companies have technicians that are specially trained to fix any issues with the pipes.


When that time of year comes around, your lawn no longer requires watering. Sprinkler irrigation system technicians should come out to your house and switch off water flow before the first freeze. This will ensure a problem-free start-up in the spring.

It’s Raining

No one wants to waste water or money. That is why many companies have developed a wireless rain sensor that detects the first raindrop and automatically shuts off water flow. This sensor simply clips to your rain gutter. It usually has a 5-year shelf life, a multi-function receiver, and the ability to adjust to varying amounts of rain.

Educating yourself will help when choosing the appropriate sprinkler irrigation system design and company for your home or business. Visit a local company, ask questions, and learn how to optimize your water usage. With the right system, you can bring the green back to your lawn.