Why Troubled Teens Should Seek Residential Treatment

Sadly, today many teens find themselves in trouble. Mental health disorders and drug

addiction are at an all-time high for adolescents & college students. If these kinds of

issues have been going on for some time and highly-addictive substances are

involved, typically the teen will require intensive residential treatment. Chemical

addiction can be both a physical and mental problem requiring expert and prolonged

therapy. This is when professional residential teen treatment centers in LA are the ideal

course of action for all parties involved.


Inpatient teen residential treatment centers typically have a team of trained,

professional staff who are available around the clock to care for and treat residents.

Its not just a skeleton staff in the wee small hours. A patient could become ill at any

time, or may require counseling in the middle of the night. This is the main strength of

residential treatment. Staffing ratios are low and constant, and criteria for staffing

standards are first class.


Finding a Residential Teen Treatment Center That Offers Holistic Care

The overall approach in many residential facilities is one of encouragement and love.

The harsh discipline routine does not exist. The aim is to build a spirit of co-operation

and trust. A community spirit is developed and residents made to feel a part of a

family. Everyone is pulling in the same direction.


The medical analysis of each patient is also a top priority. All teens are constantly

monitored; tested for blood pressure, weight and body temperature. Their diets are

carefully controlled and mindful for adolescents suffering with eating disorders.

Having the proper staff trained therapeutic treatment works best when the resident is

physically and mentally fit and well so every effort is made to bring the teens to a

high level of good health.


The basic theme of the is recovery. Everyone on staff is working towards this solitary

goal – getting the residents to become and to stay better. Residents have the

opportunity to form friendships with other teens who have been through the same

sorts of troubles. In many cases lifelong friendships have evolved from young people

meeting and going through treatment in one of these intensive treatment facilities.

There is a spirit of community and a positive attitude at all times. Your teen is not just

healed of their troubles but becomes far stronger in their self-esteem and

determination to live a full and happy life.


You can well imagine that such program are labor intensive and thus the costs can be

high. But when a teen has fallen far, the only recovery option may be time in a teen

treatment center. You could consider centers which are covered by your insurance

company or you could ask about a pay-as- you-go plan.

This type of treatment typically lasts for 30-60 days, or enough time for your teen to

turn their life around. Residential care is the best way to break the bad habits and

build new ones to ensure high probability of recovery.


Pros and Cons of Intensive Teen Rehab

When your teen is in trouble, serious trouble, seeking help is essential. There are

many types of assistance but intensive therapy is commonly used. You can make a

choice between outpatient treatment where your teen goes home after their therapy or

residential treatment where they live in the facility and undertake everything on site.

They go to school there, they eat and asleep there and, of course, they receive specific

treatment there for their problems.


But know this well. Your teen must make a complete recovery. If they take their

problem into adulthood, it could mean problems for life. So should you send your

adolescent to a teen rehab center? What are the pros and cons of such a choice?

One of the great advantages of the residential treatment program is the teen is

removed from their old haunts and habits. If your teen is influenced by other teens,

being able to see them and do things with them cannot be good for your child. Placing

them in a safe and secure environment removes the temptations and dangers of their

previous lifestyle. Of course it will be hard to lose; your precious teen for several

weeks or months but there really is little choice. If your teen is in serious trouble then

complete removal from their old habitat is the only choice to make.


The very nature of intensive testament involves significant costs. If your teen is being

cared for 24/7 and being treated by highly-qualified and experienced therapists and

often on a one-to- one basis, that type of service does not come cheap. So yes there is a

downside to residential intensive treatment especially if you do not have a high

income. But don’t despair. Some insurance companies offer cover for this treatment,

there are endowment programs in this field and you could inquire about part-payment

or even a relevant loan. Its costly but there are ways to help and the health of your

child is of vital importance.


The setting and atmosphere of an intensive residential center is good or bad depending

on the resident. Some teens will welcome the chance to make new friends. These

young people will enjoy working through their problem knowing there is someone

else like them. They can share their problems and triumph in successful treatment as

friends. But if your teen is a bit of a loner and doesn’t mix well with others, putting

that in group therapy and urging them to make friends may backfire. Many facilities

do allow for both types of personality and if so then there is no problem. But do

consider the type of child your teen is when choosing the facility.


The best way to choose wisely is to consider wisely. Contact the centers you believe

offer the best type of intensive therapy. Explain the situation your teen is in. Ask

questions and give full details. It may be that the center has a video conference facility

enabling you to speak and see your child on a regular basis even though they are far

from home.